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Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab FC-362
Additional InformationModelMicrolab FC-362TypeSpeakerChannel2:1RMS/Channel (Watt)2 x 15WattFrequency (Hz - KHz)35 - 20 000HzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)75dBRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)24WattFeatureSeparation: 45dB, Interfaces: 3RCA, 2RCA, 3.5 mm stereoWarranty1 year..
7,000TK 7,500TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab FC360
Additional InformationModelMicrolab FC360TypeSpeakerChannel2:1RMS/Channel (Watt)45WattWarranty1 yearPart NoFC360 (2.1)..
6,400TK 6,900TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab FC730
Additional InformationModelMicrolab FC730TypeWood Case SpeakerChannel5:1RMS/Channel (Watt)5 x 12WattInput Interface6RCAOutput Interface6RCAFrequency (Hz - KHz)30Hz - 20KHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)70dBRemote ControlYesRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)24WattFeaturePowerful 5.1 surround subwoofer system with full ..
9,800TK 10,500TK
Microlab M-100 2:1 Speaker
-14 %
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M100
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M100TypeSpeakerChannel2:1RMS/Channel (Watt)5WattFrequency (Hz - KHz)60Hz - 20KHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)65dBRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)2WattWarranty1 year..
1,550TK 1,800TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M-105R
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M-105RTypeSpeakerChannel2:1RMS/Channel (Watt)2 x 2.5WattFrequency (Hz - KHz)40Hz - 20kHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)70dBRemote ControlYesRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)5WattFeatureSeparation: 40dB, Input: FM,USB,SD card,3.5mm line in, Output: 2 RCAWarranty1 year..
1,700TK 1,800TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M-106
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M-106TypeSpeakerRMS/Channel (Watt)2.5Watt x 2Input Interface3.5mm stereoOutput Interface2 RCAFrequency (Hz - KHz)35Hz -20kHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)70dBRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)5WattDimensionsSatellites: 87 x 134 x 97mm, Subwoofer: 150 x 205 x 210mmWeight (Kg)2.5KgWa..
1,650TK 1,750TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M-108
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M-108TypeMultimedia SpeakerChannel2:1RMS/Channel (Watt)2.5Watt x 2Frequency (Hz - KHz)40Hz - 18kHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)70dBRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)6WattFeature2:1 quality speaker comes from Microlab M series, It will bring full audio range music to life, Beautifu..
1,550TK 1,650TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M 109
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M 109TypeMultimedia SpeakerChannel2:1RMS/Channel (Watt)2.5Watt x 2Input Interface3.5mm stereoOutput InterfaceRCA socketsFrequency (Hz - KHz)40Hz - 18kHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)70dBRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)5WattFeatureQuality speakers designed for multimedia and compu..
1,650TK 1,750TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M-110
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M-110Channel2:1RMS/Channel (Watt)2.5W x 2Frequency (Hz - KHz)40Hz-20KHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)> 70 dBRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)5WattFeatureInput 3.5 mm stereo jack, Output: 2RCA,Warranty1 year..
2,050TK 2,200TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M 111
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M 111Channel2:0RMS/Channel (Watt)3Frequency (Hz - KHz)35-20Signal to Noise Ratio (dB)75RMS/Subwoofer (Watt)6WattWarranty1 yearPart NoM-111 (2:1)..
2,200TK 2,350TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M-223
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M-223TypeSpeakerChannel2:0RMS/Channel (Watt)4WattFrequency (Hz - KHz)60Hz - 20KHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)70dBRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)9WattWarranty1 yearPart NoM-223 (2.1)..
2,350TK 2,500TK
Brand: Microlab Model: Microlab M-300
Additional InformationModelMicrolab M-300TypeSpeakerChannel2:1RMS/Channel (Watt)12Watt x 2Frequency (Hz - KHz)40Hz - 20kHzSignal to Noise Ratio (dB)> 80dBRMS/Subwoofer (Watt)14WattFeatureTweeter driver type: 2.5Warranty1 year..
2,500TK 2,700TK
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